Lawrence Brooks


Diven Real Estate

2540 Virginia Beach Blvd Virginia Beach, VA 23452

Lawrence is a 37-year-old father of one, living his dreams in the Hampton Roads area, by way of Kansas City, Mo.

He is a lover of making people’s dreams come true. One of many of his goals are to master the Real Estate industry. After some life-altering events during his career as an Active Duty Naval Engineer, he realized it was time to strive for his passion consciously. Since January 2017, when he enrolled in Tidewater Community College, almost everything he had done has been with this goal in mind. He has taken every course possible to improve his writing and research abilities. Being able to understand the importance of working to find ones’ true home. He has listened to thousands of podcasts and read hundreds of articles to sharpen his mind on subjects that interest him. Getting himself familiar with each area he’d like to work with in Virginia. Understanding what places and intriguing events in the surrounding areas. Now, step one of his journey is complete with his graduation, Fall Semester 2019.